Realized objectives

Analysis and Strategy

We help you in the strategy process as sparring partner on digital opportunities and how they can be exploited to realize your digital objectives. We conduct analysis process that identifies potential of digitization and extent determine and prioritize strategic initiatives. We ensure involvement and credibility with internal and external stakeholders, and prepare a concrete foundation for a future business solution.

Robust e-commerce platforms


EBIT Nordic advises on and develops the concept powerful solutions for e-commerce B2B and B2C companies. We help you with strategic advice on the possibilities of e-commerce, concept development, implementation of the solution and integration with existing systems. We work with the leading design agencies for the provision of design and user experience.

Better service. Lower costs

Digital Self-Service

Our solutions increase the level of services to your customers, and reduce administrative costs through digital self. Digital self-creates a better experience for your customers when they are in dialogue with your company. With a digital self-service solution allows you to stay open around the clock. You can give your customers the ability to search product information, download negotiating prices, fill out order forms, download sales materials at precisely the times when requested by the customer, and not just when your business is open

We bring you to where your customers are

Apps and Mobile

We establish your presence where your customers are. The increasing use of mobile devices among users sets new requirements for companies, which must be present where the users are. Whether it comes to customers or internal employees, then the mobile development led to increased demands for mobility and accessibility of information. The trend poses new requirements for future web solutions and opens possibilities within responsive websites, mobile e-commerce and mobile apps.

Organised relationships

Customer Experience Management

We create a targeted and relevant customer experience across digital touch points. The digital world has changed the relationship between buyer and seller – the customer and the company. To maintain customer and build long-term customer relationships, firms need to focus on creating a consistent and relevant customer experience across the contact points where you meet customers – whether it’s via the web, mobile, customer service or retail environment.

Successful track of products

Product Information Management

Take control of product data and processes around them. Successful cross-channel e-commerce and marketing requires that your product data is updated. The solution is a product information management system that helps you to facilitate the creation, maintenance and distribution of product data across sales channels, from mobile to web to catalog, in multiple languages​​.

We draw lines. And binds them together

System architecture and integration

We ensure the system architecture behind your e-business solution, then processes, systems and data can be put into context and provide an overview and value. A sophisticated experience design, and outstanding graphical design, are natural parts of a value-adding e-business solution, but the chosen platform and system architecture is the foundation that everything else is built. Immeo specializes in the design of the system architecture and integration, ensuring that your solution developed with performance, scaling, security, and development in mind

Sublime service. Long-term cooperation

Service and maintenance

We take on responsibility for the maintenance and further development of your self-service e-commerce solution – either after we have delivered the solution as a project or taken from your current supplier. We focus on creating long-term and stable customer relationships.


Development and Technology

We work with market leading platform for e-commerce and self-service solutions.
Our deep technical understanding ensures optimum utilization of the platform.